A frequent question I receive: “What do you think is the best facial cream for mature skin? I use a (drugstore brand) for wrinkles, but I wonder if there is something better. I have super sensitive skin.”

First, congratulation on recognizing that a skincare product can make a difference. The reason for your question though, you are probably not seeing a difference in your skin with the drugstore item you are using.

If this is you, read on.

If you are just starting to buy nicer products to target anti-aging, for the most part, that !EXcludes! drugstore brands, which are considered marketing brands. Stick with professional brands used in spas and dermatologist offices for the best results.

Here are some suggestions for investing in products worth spending money on, where stability, ingredient quality, and overall better formulation matter:


You want a good form of Vitamin C, appropriate percentage, stability considered in packaging, and what companion ingredients enhance it.

Not all Vitamin C is created equal!


You want a product with an effective form of retinol, in a sufficient percentage, proper packaging, and even better with added ingredients like anti-aging peptides and skin soothers for tolerance.

Not all Retinol is created equal!


Quality of acid used matters, pH plays a role, and using acids that address your skin issues, better formulations yield a better experience.

Guess what? Not all Hydroxy Acids are created equal!

When you are ready to start building a skincare routine, here is how you should prioritize what products to incorporate. Prioritize your skincare needs and build on it:

  • Cleanser + Sunscreen

  • Moisturizer + Exfoliant + Retinol

  • Specialty Serums

  • Mask + Eye Cream + Lip Product

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to tackling any number of skin concerns, and something that works for one person might not work for another. Some people require a more specialized skincare regiment cocktail of sorts to finally see improvement for good.

If you are in search of upgrading your skincare routine and feel lost in the world of options available in how to treat your concerns or simply are looking to age gracefully, don’t hesitate to reach out for a thorough consultation where a precise recommendation can be made so that you can love your skin.

With the appropriate home care, you can achieve the skin you love. It is a lifelong com

mitment, and while you will see some results with facials, you must implement a daily home care routine. Taking care of your skin is just like taking care of your body - it is part of a lifestyle. The best results will come with time.

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