First Facial 45 min

First Facial 45 min

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At the start of session, an evaluation will be conducted to assess current skin issues, at-home care regimen, and age management progress.

During the treatment, we use a sophisticated sensor with advanced technology to calculate moisture levels on the skin. This offers a quick scientific guidance to allow you to be an active participant in understanding skin function and need for specific topical products and services to reach your goals.

To guarantee a fruitful treatment, we begin with a clean slate. Our method involves a silver ion infused Azul silicone bristle that utilizes advanced ultrasonic cleansing technology, resulting in up to a 600% improvement in cleansing compared to manual cleansing alone. With ultrasonic waves pulsating at a rate of up to 24,000 vibrations per second, the bristle efficiently dislodges dirt and debris.

We finalize the service with a moisturizer and and SPF protection.


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